Balaji & Balamurugan

Balaji and Balamurugan know the true meaning of brotherly love. They now live at the Angelo home orphanage in India with only each other as reminder of what was once their own family.

6 and 8 years old, respectively, the tragedy of their situation began by the father’s suicide that marked the boys as omens within their local village.  Unable to cope, the mother deserted both Balaji and Balamurugan when they were only toddlers.

Balaji and Balamurugan are waiting for CCF Child Sponsors.  Please help us to bring hope into the lives of such young boys who have been forsaken for no deserving reason.  Be a part of nurturing and changing lives one child at a time by joining CCF’s child sponsorship program today by calling +1.310.281.4753!