Recent Projects

Our Children’s Resource Center Is Complete!

You may remember the scene in “Slum Dog Millionaire” when Jamal uses the rickety outhouse perched above the tidewaters of the Arabian Sea. Imagine for a moment, if you will, you are a mentally and physically challenged orphan attempting to perform a simple essential day-to-day task.

Providing handicap-friendly toilets is a pressing goal for the CCF Children’s Resource Center India. Last year’s completion of the facility was a momentous achievement for so many disabled and orphaned children. Because of you, our goal of providing a safe haven for these special little ones, all born into disadvantaged backgrounds in remote regions where a caste system can target them for neglect and abuse, finally became a reality!

The Time Has Come… To Build Up!

Along with ongoing construction, getting this new facility fully equipped has become our top priority. Thus, CCF’s new campaign “BUILD UP FOR THE FORGOTTEN CHILDREN” is now underway. We not only need handicap-friendly toilets but additional rooms with vital therapeutic equipment to assist children with routine tasks and daily living. From seating systems and stair lifts to learning apparatus and teaching materials, we believe all is possible through continued support from generous people like you.


In India, where approximately eight million children live with a disability and forty percent of the population in southern regions are forced to live in something other than a permanent home, one single dollar stretches a long way for these children. For them, even a small gift can do a huge amount of good.

  • $27 Buys a Wrist Brace for tiny Joshi
  • $65 Provides a Specialized Chair and Desk for kids like Sanjai
  • $240 Gifts a hip-knee-ankle-foot prosthetic for Afsal
  • $180 Allows for tables and therapy benches for those like Priyanka   
  • $1,000 Purchases 14 folding wheelchairs for kids like Harihara Sundar
  • $2,100 Pays for stair lifts for those who struggle walking like Kovindan
  • $9,600 Completes 6 handicap-friendly toilets

CHANGE A LIFE like precious Joshi. Your kindness can help ease their burden and provide a long-term sanctuary for those who have known only rejection and abuse. Your gift will have an immediate impact on their lives when you furnish a wheelchair or provide a prosthetic arm.

In “Slum Dog Millionaire,” Jamal wins a million rupees, climbs out of poverty and rescues the girl. These children will never win a TV game show or become overnight celebrities. But with your help, they can learn to live productive lives to the fullest extent their abilities will allow. JOIN CCF’S hands-on commitment to positively impact not just these special orphans of India, but the community around them!