Become a Child Sponsor

Providing impoverished children with the basic needs of life is truly benevolent; however, it is adding the specialness of sponsoring an individual child with your own touch of personalized love that holds the power to change the world. Through the CCF Child Sponsorship Program, you will be linked with one child in need who will know your name, write to you, and treasure the thought that you care.

Sponsor a child today by completing the CCF Online Application. A CCF team member will soon contact you regarding your newly chosen sponsor child. The joy these children receive—knowing someone across the globe is there for them—is beyond description, and the life YOU CHANGE is priceless!

With your commitment of $25 per month, the CCF Team pledges:


After assessing each child’s circumstances and honoring the sponsor’s request, the CCF Child Sponsorship Team will pair you with a child to ensure a long-lasting relationship.


The CCF Child Sponsorship Team will oversee allocation of your sponsorship to ensure your child is appropriately supplied with his or her essential needs such as nutritious food, healthcare, clothing, and education.


Aside from the feeling of knowing you are positively impacting a child in need, CCF will bridge the relationship by keeping you in touch through photos as well as letters from your child.

Become a Sponsorship Supporter

While it is extremely enriching to be a part of the union of love and hope that occurs when sponsoring an individual child, this kind of commitment may not be right for everyone.  Alternatively, we offer the option of being a Sponsorship Supporter, allowing your contribution to be allocated towards a group of children.  By contributing any amount, a SPONSORSHIP SUPPORTER is recognized by aiding CCF in building long-term, lasting change for children in need and their communities.