Who We Are

“Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless”

Isaiah 1:17

The Charitable Child Fund (CCF) is a hands-on non-profit public charity at the forefront of bettering the lives of vulnerable and orphaned children worldwide.

Inspired by the potential for greatness carried within every child, we are steadfastly committed to ensuring implementation of care and uplifting the spirits of children who have been abandoned and neglected.

For more than a decade, CCF has brought smiles to the disadvantaged by making a difference. We strive to advocate for orphans in any way that we can.

Our efforts have included constructing orphanages, contributing towards disaster relief, securing access to clean water, providing food and medical aid as well as bridging children with sponsors.

By aligning with our religious partners in each region, CCF is dedicated to serving; we assure direct impact and long-term improvement.

CCF believes we are one united family, that those of us who are more blessed than others must feel responsible to help those less fortunate.

It is through combining our faith with virtuous integrity, merging mission experience with business acumen and blending inspirational breakthroughs with long-term accountability that CCF derived its mission: To provide every child in need with the same opportunities as the most fortunate child on Earth, no matter the circumstances.