Success Stories


Being born with a crippled leg and extra finger on one of her hands should have been the biggest struggle in this little girl’s life. Given a name that means “beautiful eyes,” Sulochana was first met by the CCF team when she was brought to the Angelo home orphanage in India after watching her own mother die due to serious illness.

Even at a young age, the event of playing witness to a loved one’s death sparked a profound fire in Sulochana’s spirit.  She openly promised that she would grow up to prevent other children from having to watch their parents die.  Moved by the orphaned girl’s conviction, the CCF team collectively adopted Sulochana into the CCF child sponsorship program…Read Full Story


This is a story of miraculous fate, generosity, and recovery. It takes place in India, a developing country with an unfortunate number of slums and impoverished areas. It is in one of these desolate, village regions where CCF maintains the Angelo home orphanage for handicapped and abandoned children.

During one mission trip to the orphanage, our founder became ill and required unexpected hospitalization. Receiving care in a far from state-of-the-art medical facility, a positive outcome in recovery seemed questionable. Over time, the children from the orphanage were brought to the founder’s bedside, one by one offering their love and prayers. Combined with one doctor’s commitment, pleas to God were answered and our founder’s health was restored… Read Full Story


As a little girl in India, Kavitha had no choice but to accept the sad reality of her family’s abandonment. Combined with society’s rejection, Kavitha adapted by hiding what she identified as her fatal omen, a physical handicap of only one leg.

Withdrawn and desperate, Kavitha found it difficult to have trust in anyone or anything, even upon entrance as a pre-teen into the Angelo home orphanage.  Although basic care and support were given, Kavitha’s scars ran deep with a smile appearing all too distant for her face to express.

It was the love and generosity of one CCF child sponsor that would soon change the fate of Kavitha forever.  A retired educator with a strong desire to help children in need, this CCF child sponsor reached out to Kavitha through letters and photos. Read Full Story