Scholarship Fund

“We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chance of building better lives.”

Nelson Mandela

Every child deserves the opportunity to LEARN.

Serving children in need includes committing to being a part of turning their dreams into realities. Through supporting educational opportunities across the globe, we believe the power of “building better lives” is possible, especially with children who ask for our help.

CCF is proud to journey with underprivileged children on an international scale to provide chances at education for those who need it most. It is our mission to help children everywhere break the unfortunate cycles of poverty and conflict through the gift of learning.

By contributing to the CCF Scholarship Fund, you are bridging your generosity with the hopes and dreams of the next generation. Whether joining our volunteer program to support classroom construction or sponsoring an individual child for scholarship, you can play a part in creating a stable and safe learning environment.

Join CCF in giving necessary tools today to create the bright futures of tomorrow. No barrier should ever stand in the way of a child’s education… learning is the most empowering gift these children can receive, as it truly can MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Young Ingulap holds his CCF certificate of appreciation — he recently passed India’s required state exam! Polio was no match for this motivated boy’s spirit, as he persevered and accomplished the unthinkable.


Having been supported by a CCF child sponsor, Muthulakshimi radiates joy as she receives the good news of her university scholarship. She is one of the first CCF orphaned girls to be accepted to a local university.


Kalidass achieved his educational dreams despite physical adversity. Through a strong connection with his U.S. sponsor family, he was inspired to academically succeed. Now, with a degree in hand, he pays it forward by tutoring others.