Dhivya and Karthiga

Dhivya and Karthiga are vibrant young girls who are lucky to have each other as sisters with the Angelo home orphanage in India.  7 and 8 years old, respectively, their father abandoned them shortly before Dhivya’s birth.

With the cultural guilt of an abandoned husband and the difficult responsibility of caring for two small daughters, Dhivya and Karthiga’s mother eventually committed suicide.  Aside from each other, the girls were totally alone left on the desolate streets in a slum area with nobody to care for them.  Now safe and given basic care, Divya and Karthiga have a new home.

DHIVYA AND KARTHIGA ARE WAITING FOR CCF CHILD SPONSORS.  Please help us to support and encourage these girls to grow strong and live for a brighter future.  Be a part of nurturing and changing lives one child at a time by joining CCf’s child sponsorship program today by calling +1.310.281.4753!