Enyomam is an adorable six-year old girl who survived a past filled with hardship.  Born to a single mother who lived on the streets, Enyomam was already at a disadvantage when her mother was tragically taken by a sickness that led to her death. She had lost the only love she ever new!

Through CCF partnership, little Enyomam now resides at the Hart-Haven home orphanage while receiving her education at the Donum Dei International School.  Her favorite subject to study is English and she works hard to improve her vocabulary.

Enyomam is waiting for a CCF Child Sponsor.  Please help us to support the bright future of a girl who has been given such little hope in life.  Be a part of nurturing and changing lives one child at a time by joining CCF’s child sponsorship program today by calling +1.310.281.4753!