Naylor Charllote

Naylor Charllote is a beautiful three year-old girl who has already suffered the fate of being homeless.  Born to a mentally deranged mother and an absentee father, Naylor Charllote lived her first years as a desperate street child.

Through CCF partnership, little Naylor Charllote now resides at the Hart-Haven home orphanage where she receives the care she needs and remains healthy.  With preparations underway for placement in the pre-school division of the Donum Dei International School, Naylor Charllote holds boundless energy of excitement and loves to sing.

Naylor Charllote is waiting for a CCF Child Sponsor.  Please help us to support her so that she continues to sing to a song of hope.  Be a part of nurturing and changing lives one child at a time by joining CCF’s child sponsorship program today by calling +1.310.281.4753!