Nithiya is a delightful young girl who did not deserve the life she was given.  With her father imprisoned, and her mother permanently residing in a mental-institution; Nithiya had no choice but to accept she will never have her parents.

Once alone in the streets of India, it is by good fate that this little girl found her way to the Angelo home orphanage.  Without a positive parental role model in her life it would have been a shame for this life to end prematurely, but instead Nithiya has found a home where she has the opportunity to grow and blossom into someone very special.

NITHIYA is waiting for a CCF Child Sponsor.  Please help us to offer Nithiya a life more deserving than the indecent upbringing she once faced.  Be a part of nurturing and changing lives one child at a time by joining CCF’s child sponsorship program today by calling +1.310.281.4753!