CCF’s Together We Can Campaign

CCF Founder Constantina lead CCF’s summer campaign, offering a $10,000 matching grant opportunity to build a much-needed Children’s Resource Centre for handicapped and orphaned children in southern India! Join CCF in reaching this goal by uniting with CCF’s CAUSES campaign and contributing to the new matching grant program; where we will help these children who are desperately waiting to receive aid! “Together, we can meet the dire needs of the world’s mentally and physically handicapped children,” says Constantina. CCF has enacted a hands-on mission with religious partners for more than a decade providing education, care and rehabilitation for India’s children born into severely disadvantaged and orphaned backgrounds.

With CCF’s initial goal of $57,000 to build a Children’s Resource Centre for those with special needs in southern India, we are NOW only $7,000 away from making this a reality! Join CCF to change these children’s lives and contribute to CCF’s matching grant program to make a difference that is felt by so many for decades and decades to come. Let us always be reminded… [not to] forget to do good and to share with those in need. Hebrews 13:16 Yes, together we can! By supporting in this cause, WE can make an incredible, lasting impact in the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged children, deserving of opportunities not previously possible.