From India to here at home, CCF extends hands-on, global support in hopes of making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we may have paused our social media presence, our charitable efforts and missions have stayed very much alive. Through collaboration with volunteer teams and religious partners, CCF continues to pinpoint where we can be of greatest service to children in need. We believe serving in this period of COVID-19 can lead to Kairos Moments for us all!

International Initiatives for Orphans

CCF has initiated relief efforts for one of the hardest hit regions of southern India. In addition to supporting orphanages facing lengthy lockdowns, CCF has established several outreach programs to support vulnerable families with special needs children. It is in these impoverished, overcrowded caste communities where families with special needs children are in dire need. These families are coping with limited access to healthy food and clean water, and CCF’s faithful partners have been distributing crucial COVID-19 care packages while offering spiritual support on a weekly basis. Moreover, the apostolic imperatives of offering spiritual support within various caste communities during COVID-19 have not stopped. Our Kairos Moment: awakening to crisis as an opportunity to embrace God’s favor. As the pandemic continues to spread in other parts of the world, CCF’s steadfast efforts to give direct relief to children of the poorest and marginalized remains top priority. 

In Ghana, rural children in poor areas are also facing unprecedented situations as a result of the coronavirus. With food prices surging, many families losing what little income they had, and human trafficking on the rise, village children face serious health & safety risks. In response, CCF created the “2020 Africa Appeal” through local religious congregations to meet the needs of specific at-risk Ghanaian children. This new project has become an extremely important global mission for CCF, as we recognize that immediate steps must be taken. In helping Ghanian children, our Kairos Moment: finding inspiration and calls to action of where we are needed most.

In fragile regions of Mexico, CCF recognizes children living in orphanages during COVID-19 often suffer emotional experiences that can have devastating impacts. Such hardships, from school closures to volunteer trip cancelations, have left CCF supported homes not only coping with additional financial insecurities, but with many of the children trying to grasp new feelings of isolation. Given daily interactions with community friends, teachers, pastors, and volunteers have been temporarily halted, CCF has expanded the “Care for Life-Mexico” missions. With the goal of uplifting the spirits of orphans during the coronavirus, CCF supported homes can now receive individual cards of care from CCF volunteers and parishioners. Our Kairos Moment: arising to the new COVID-19 reality; children who feel alone and are impoverished need God’s love with our support more than ever.

Local Children in Need

It has not been an easy road for some U.S.-based foster parents who took children in prior to COVID-19, when they were still employed full-time. In addition to the isolation that is inherently part of sheltering-at-home, foster families have faced unique challenges out of financial insecurity in caring for their special little ones. Through CCF’s “Gift Every Child” initiative, foster families in need can receive gift cards and/or vouchers to help their children thrive during this time. From filling pantries with nutritious food to making educational tools accessible for at-home learning, CCF has stepped in to aid foster families struggling amidst the pandemic, inspired by our Kairos Moment: growing closer to the kingdom of God by taking action that is bold and creative.  

As COVID-19’s toll stretches far across the globe — severely impacting orphans and other vulnerable children CCF has not only maintained efforts, but pivoted to specifically meet the new needs today’s times bring. From implementing COVID-19 outreach programs in India, aiding children in crisis in Ghana, initiating care programs in Mexico, and offering essential support to US foster families, CCF’s commitment to God’s children who are suffering remains strong! While no one knows when this pandemic will be over, our CCF team believes God calls each of us to Kairos Moments through individual, grace-filled commitments in charitable giving.

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