CCF celebrates… Helping Disabled Orphans, Building Their Home, Saving Our Future

Having embarked on a year long mission to India to aid mentally disabled orphans of a remote region of southern India, CCF has reached the initial goal of building a home and providing specialized education with rehabilitation to children born into a poverty-stricken area. Partnering with local religious, the first-ever CCF Children’s Resource Center for the Mentally Handicapped and Orphaned will now meet the dire needs of desperate children born into disadvantaged backgrounds.

Because of generous donors and dedicated volunteers like you, our “hands on commitment approach” continues to positively impact not only desperate orphans’ lives but the community around them. CCF is overjoyed to celebrate this new milestone, it’s the beginning of a new life for these children! Almost move-in ready, with only a few projects like the kitchen still needing to be completed, STAY TUNED as the grand opening is scheduled for this year.