Gopi’s House: A Forever Home of Hope

Sometimes very treasured stories that concern changing the lives of the unfortunate come about unexpectedly…

On a recent mission to the impoverished regions of India, the CCF team met one on one with a little boy who suffers from severe cerebral palsy, a disease where degenerated nerve cells and muscles create a loss of voluntary control even though the brain still functions as if the body was normal. Placed on open ground, without any physical support or anyone there to wipe the drool that came from his mouth as he cried out, CCF members immediately embraced the moment they met this special village child named Gopi.

The only words uttered by Gopi that day were when the CCF team asked what they could do to help. In the midst of spending time with Gopi, he somehow mumbled, “I want a home.” Since that day, CCF has been hard at work with the goal to build a home for Gopi!

CCF truly believes we can change the world one child at a time… uniting together to serve where the greatest needs lie,” Through CCF and the commitment of local religious partners, Gopi will no longer live in a grass hut without running water or proper health care. The commitment to build a home for Gopi continues to be underway and this special child will soon have a small stone house with proper facilities, supplies, and, most importantly, the long-awaited medical attention he so desperately needs.

Aristotle once said, “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation.” CCF’s commitment, courage, and compassion stand as an example of making a difference. This child was meant to be a part of our CCF family, it is our prayer that you will, too.

JOIN CCF in building a home for Gopi – we’re halfway there and we need your help! His home foundation is built but the need for additional funding continues. Gopi also needs handicap furnishings, in-home medical supplies and hospital visits. Please help us help Gopi, together we can build a forever home of hope, making a life changing difference…one child at a time!